Wednesday, 12 August 2009

At home with Tom Brady - Details Sept 2009 Issue

In the September 2009 issue of Details Magazine, the ordinarily super-private football star Tom Brady talks about all aspects of his life, including being married to supermodel Gisele Bundchen, the paparazzi, and having a child out of wedlock with his former girlfriend, actress Bridget Moynahan. The article is accompanied with modelling photo's of the quarterback.

On Tabloid rumours: “You know, it's very—I don't take myself very seriously. I'm not a person who defends myself very often. I kind of let my actions speak for me. So when people criticize me, and they should—that's what you do as an athlete. You go out there, and that's what happens. You deal with it and laugh with it and hope they sell a lot of newspapers. Because there's going to be the next article the next day, and the next article the next day.”

On having a child out of wedlock: “That's not how you envisioned your life, that's not how you envisioned having children," he says now, "but it happens. But you're not talking about a tragic event, you're talking about a life, it's what happens. And that's forced me to grow up in a lot of ways, and in a lot of ways I've learned about the people around me, learned about my wife and about how important she is in my life, through this. You see what she's really about. Because that's not what she wanted either. But once again, it's...I just don't is not what everyone... Life is not living in the suburbs with a white picket fence. That's not life. Somehow our American culture has made it out that that's what life needs to be—and that if it's not that, it's all screwed up. It's not. You go through life and you try the best you can.”

On having more kids: “I want a lot of kids, I'd love four or five. We'll see. It's not always my decision.”

On stepping out in public: “Every time I step out,” he says, “I know there's probably somebody watching, with a camera phone or something. And it doesn't feel good. I'm glad they didn't have those camera phones seven or eight years ago,” he says, referring to his wilder single days. “When I go out now, I just watch what I'm doing.”

On being set-up on a blind date with Gisele: “This friend told me he knew a girl version of me.” (Gisele adds, “And he said to me he’d found a boy version of me.”)

On getting married: “We'd dated and had been through a lot together,” he says. “That's been a nice settling part of my life as well.”

On their life together: “I think my wife and I, we probably enjoy staying home more than most.”

On happiness: “We're all here, man, we're all sharing the same air. Everyone wants to look at the guy"—meaning him—"and say, 'Well, if I had that, I'd really be happy.' But happiness is really about how you feel yourself and if you're satisfied with yourself. I wish everybody happiness, man. And fulfillment in life. You don't need to play football to have that. At least I don't think that's what was going through the creator's mind when we were created.”

Brady also disputed the alleged shooting at his wedding my security at the paparazzi, saying that security wasn't armed.

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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Are Spencer and Heidi Pratt Pregnant?

Spencer and Heidi Pratt are either playing a game with the media, or they just might be expecting a mini-baby-pratt.

The reality TV star duo, self-nick-named 'Speidi', famed by MTV's The Hills fuelled speculation that they might be pregnant yesterday by shopping in the Kids clothing section of LA Kitson's store whilst Spencer kissed Heidi placing his hand affectionately on her stomach.

The duo's rep has declined to comment on the pregnancy rumours, however is reporting that this is all a ploy which will be revealed during the storyline in next series of The Hills. If popcrunch's source is to believed, the storyline is sure fire way to irritate viewers. Taken from the popcrunch website:

The fourth season of The Hills won’t premiere on MTV until this August, but the show’s most passionate fame mongers have already devised an unbelievable scam in an effort to steal the spotlight from L.C and the rest of the gang. Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag will spend the summer staging a fake pregnancy, a new tabloid report claims. After all, babies are the new black.

“This summer, Heidi plans to wear loose clothes and even strap on some padding around her waist to make it appear as if she’s about three months along.”

“The plan is to get the baby rumor mill going so she can get photographed more. She and Spencer won’t confirm or deny the pregnancy so they can keep everyone guessing.”

According to Star Magazine scoop, from rising suspicion to refuting the rumors the first order of action, Heidi, twenty-one, and her twenty-four year old on-again/off-again fiance Spencer have plotted each step of their plan carefully.

First the aspiring singer will stop drinking. Then she’ll visit chic children’s boutiques like NoMi to pick out baby stuff. By the end of the summer, Heidi will be photographed bumpless and sporting a skimpy bikini while strolling along the beach.

“There’s so much Heidi wants to do. Getting fat is not in the cards right now.”

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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush split up

Fashion stylist, Kim Kardashian and boyfriend, New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush have mutually decided to end their relationship of two years. The reason for the split is that their heavy and demanding work schedules mean that the couple rarely get to see each other anymore.

Reggie and Kim have only just returned from a trip to Africa where Kim did charity work for Russel Simmons organisation DEF, a non-profit organization that aims to empower disadvantaged people in African nations where diamonds are a natural resource, through education.

Only this May, Kim Kardashian spoke about the two year relationship progressing toward marriage with telling them:

"People ask us [about marriage] all the time. Of course we talk about marriage, but who knows when that's coming."

However with Bush spending 6 months of the year training and playing in New Orleans whilst Kim films her reality show E!'s 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' on the West Coast with her family, the couple's communication has been restricted predominantly to mobile phones and web-cam's which has put too much strain on the relationship.

Although Kim and Reggie have ended their relationship, they still love each other and plan to remain a part of each others lives. reports:

"It's been a long time coming. They still love each other and are part of their lives, but Reggie spends six months out of the year in New Orleans, so it's tough."

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Monday, 20 July 2009

Nick Lachey: No plans to get back together with Jessica

Firstly, huge apologies to all my readers for not posting any blogs over the past few weeks. We were away on Vacation. Thank you for all of the emails, I'm back!

Secondly, a post for all the 'MTV Newlywed's' fan's. The question on many people's lips right now is 'Will Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey get back together?' The Reality TV couple left many fans bitterly disappointed when they abruptly ended their relationship after a 3 year marriage. Now that the Couple have strangely both become single within a matter of weeks, rumours are circulating that the pair may patch things up.

In order to dispel the recent tabloid rumours that the pair have been talking for hours on the phone and are still in love, Nick has spoken out to for the first time, coming out with the facts about the reconciliation speculation, his upcoming album and their hit MTV Reality Show 'Newlywed's':

A recent photo of Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo reportedly broke up with Jessica just over a week ago.

Nick Lachey tells at a party at Dusk at the Caesars Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City Saturday night:

"I think it’s fun storytelling, but there's very little truth to any of it, I certainly have heard about her breakup and I wish her the best, as I’ve always done. Aside from that, there really is nothing to say."

And the question on everybody's minds, Nick was asked if he has been in touch with Jessica, Lachey answered:

"I haven't talked to her in probably two years, I wish her happiness. That’s where it pretty much ends."

About his own recent break up with ex girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo, Nick commented saying:
"I'm in a good place, I've learned, through years of not only being in this business, but being in relationships, that you have to take it as it goes. With every experience, you learn something about your life, and you try to take that and move on and be a better berson because of it. We'll see what happens."

On his latest upcoming album release, Nick tells us:

"It's reflective of a lot of different sides of me. It's still pop but it’s a little more produced. It's weird because music has changed so much, and as you get older, you have to see where the music scene is going but at the same time be true to who you are. I can't really go out and do what I used to do, it's just a different game."

On the subject of Reality TV, Nick says:

"I would never do it the way it was done with us – with people living in your house, essentially, and having 24-hour access to your life, in your home. That, to me, was not a healthy way to go about it. But I think that anyone that kinda denies the success of reality TV is kidding themselves."

My personal opinion is that if reconciliation between Jessica and Nick does come about, it certainly won't happen right now. Too much has happened and both Nick and Jessica's recent relationship splits are far too recent. From what I hear, Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo had a good relationship, his team-mates are all shocked and say Jessica and Tony were a great match, so Jessica's main thoughts are likely to be with Tony, not Nick. Saying that, in time, once the dust settles, you really never know! All it takes is for them to meet up at a party or start texting and the old feelings could possibly re-surface. Remember that this couple have split up for years before and gotten back together. Only time will tell, watch this space!

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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Christian Lacroix files for bankruptcy

French Couture designer Christian Lacroix, the creative genius behind the puffball skirt and the “le pouf” silhouette that helped define the iconic '80s fashion has filed for bankruptcy protection, citing: "the consequences of the global financial crisis which has sharply hurt the luxury goods industry".

Although Christian has declared himself bancrupt, the Lacroix design brand has not completely expired. Lacroix still plans a small couture presentation in July and still hopes to continue production of it's ready-to-wear and Couture lines.

Lacroix has worked for years, proving his creative talent and design skills to make a success of the Christian Lacroix brand. From 1981 to 1987 Lacroix worked at the fashion house of Jean Patou, and in 1987 he opened his own couture and ready-to-wear business. With his background in historical costume and clothing, Lacroix soon made headlines with his opulent, fantasy creations, including the short puffball skirt (“le pouf”), rose prints, and low décolleté necklines. He quoted widely from other styles—from fashion history (the corset and the crinoline), from folklore, and from many parts of the world—and he mixed his quotations in a topsy-turvy manner. He favored the hot colors of the Mediterranean region, a hodgepodge of patterns, and experimental fabrics, sometimes handwoven in local workshops.

Backstage at his recent fashion show for his Spring/Summer 09' line, Christian Lacroix said:
"When times are hard, the best medicine is to face the situation with guts, and your true personality"
According to The New York Times, this fall's ready-to-wear sales were down 35 per cent and losses for 2008 were about $14 million (U.S.). Proving that the high profile fashion industry is not immune to the credit crunch, the current economic predicament has been part blamed for Lacroix going bankrupt along with the recent business and brand expansion. Amidst the global financial crisis, plans for another Louis Vuitton store in Tokyo have been cancelled and this year, Chanel laid off 200 temporary employees. Versace also recently announced that revenue is down 13 per cent in the first quarter of 2009.

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Watch Christian talk about his Spring/Summer 09' collection below

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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Glamour Awards Winners 2009

Last night Celebrities from all over the globe made their way to Berkeley Square gardens in London for the Glitzy 'Glamour Awards' Ceremony.

Celebrities in attendance included Katy Perry, Alexa Chung, Fearne Cotton, Dizzee Rascal, Henry Holland, Kylie Minogue, Boyband 'Blue', Mark Ronson and his girlfriend Josephine De La Baume. Check out the photographs below to see the uber-cool outfits. My favourites had to be Alexa's understated 50's cream coloured dress and Fearne Cotton's red ruffle skirted dress with a mid-waisted bow.

Here I have the full list of Glamour 2009 Award Winners:

Newcomer of the Year- Katy Perry
Man of the Year- Kanye West
Accessory Designer of the Year- Samantha Cameron
Fashion Designer of the Year- Frida Giannini
Band of the Year- Girls Aloud
UK TV Actress of the Year- Michelle Ryan
Comedy Actress of the Year- Becki Newton
Radio Personality of the Year- Fearne Cotton
Film-maker of the Year- Sharman Macdonald
TV Personality of the Year- Cheryl Cole
Theatre Actress of the Year- Joanna Page
UK Solo Artist of the Year- Adele
Film Actress of the Year- Amanda Seyfried
Writer of the Year- Sophie Kinsella
Presenter of the Year - Alexa Chung
Woman of the Year - Kylie Minogue
Editor's Special Award - Estelle

Fearne Cotton looks hot in a red ruffle skirted dress

Katy Perry in a Blue Satin dress with a bow skirt, red lips handbag and red patent heels, Katy picked up the Glamour award for Best Newcomer

Big Brother's Little Brother TV Presenter Dermot O-Leary with his girlfriend Deborah

Dizzee Rascal don's a chic dark blue suit and a black button up shirt

Kylie Minogue in a little black dress and fur wrap, Kylie won Glamours Woman of the Year Award

Henry Holland and Pixie Geldoff pair up in excentric dress including skinny jeans, super platform ankle boots, mocasins and a mini dress

Joanna Page plays it safe in a navy above-the-knee dress

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Mark Ronson wears an interesting patterned suit, his girlfriend Josephine de la Baume wears a flowy leopard print maxi-dress

BoyBand Blue made an appearance together

Unfortunately TV Presenter Kirsty Gallagher suffered a bit of a wardrobe malfunction as spoken about all over the press today. Her black dress revealed a little more than she bargained for when photographers flashes went off! Kirsty appeared completely unaware of the fact that she was baring all whilst posing.

Eastenders and Bionic Woman Actress Michelle Ryan wore a long pink dress and picked up a Glamour gong for UK TV Actress of the Year

Singer Rachel Stevens

Singer Estelle who picked up the Editor's Special Award

E4’s Rick Edwards and Alexa Chung pose for a photograph together

Becki Newton and Chris Diamantopoulos. Becki looks stunning in a printed mini.

Model Abbey Clancy in a shimmery little black dress

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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Sienna talks about filming G.I Joe

sienna miller filming g.i joeSienna Miller has been talking to the press about her forthcoming flick 'G.I. Joe' in which she plays raven-haired baroness and sexy femme fatale skilled in espionage. Sienna underwent a complete image overhaul to get into character, donning a black-haired wig and clothed predominantly in leather and pvc gear, armed with a gun.

About the handling of a gun, Sienna told the press:

“It was scary. I got taken away from the group! They said, ‘Sienna, you’re a villain in this film and you look like you’re terrified of the gun.’ And I said ‘I am!’ But we were shooting live ammunition that could kill someone.”

Sienna also spilled the beans on one particular fighting sequence, the 27-year-old shared:

"There's a really, really good girl fight between Rachel Nichols and myself. It's like a proper, violent girl-fight scene. And we both worked so hard for the choreography and the training of it. ... We both got hurt. I'm clumsy, so I slipped on a rubber bullet at one point and sprained my wrist quite badly. She ran into a flame and got burned."

The film, which tells the tale of a group of soldiers fighting for the acronym Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity (G.I. Joe) against evil organisation Cobra is set to be a box office hit, directed by none other than The Mummy's Stephen Sommers.

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Recent Sienna sighting: Back to blonde Sienna Miller was spotted getting her eyebrows done at Anastasia salon in Beverly Hills, California on Friday (May 29). She wears a striped Chanel T-Shirt with the trademark CC's embezzled on the front, normal fit jeans rolled up like boyfriend jeans and black suede ankle boots accessorised with a brown Ostrich skin handbag.

sienna miller leaving anastasia salon

sienna miller leaving anastasia salon

sienna miller brown ostrich handbag

sienna miller striped chanel shirt

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Friday, 29 May 2009

Bar Rafaeli sizzles in French Marie Claire shoot

arbonne swiss skincare

Israeli model Bar Rafaeli, Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend shoot's photo's for a feature in the latest issue of French Marie Claire Magazine. The Black and White snaps are set in picturesque and natural surroundings with Bar wearing mainly bathing suits, she looks incredibly stunning with a super-toned body. Lucky Leo!


Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Chris Brown tells fans he's not a monster

Chris Brown has spoken out for the first time since the alleged attack on ex-girlfriend Rihanna for which he is currently being charged.

Chris joined forces with fellow hip hop singer Bow Wow to send out a message to his fans and 'the haters' by making a video in which he tells 'the haters' that they'll just be haters but that he's not going anywhere. He tells us that he is currently working on a new album called 'Graffiti' and intends to release a single as early as this summer.

"All the blog sites are liars. You guys lie. No black eye," Chris says wagging his finger at the web camera which is set up in a bowling alley. Brown continues by saying: "I just want to say 'What up' because I ain't been out there in a minute," adding: "All my real fan's I love ya'll, I ain't a monster".

Website TMZ obtained the video and uploaded it to YouTube.

Watch the video above.

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