Friday, 3 April 2009

Heidi Klum's outrageous mid-street photoshoot

Pedestrians in Rodeo Drive, LA were in for a big surprise this week when they unwittingly walked straight onto the set of Victoria's Secret Model Heidi Klum's latest photo-shoot. Heidi, being the professional that she is, continued modelling as if it were just her and the camera-man, despite the fact that she had drawn huge crowds, most of them clammering to get their own photo of the Project Runway Host.

One ensemble consisted of a black top, shiny black leather leggings and a pair of outrageous 8 inch killer heel boots. I mean killer... as in, if you fell whilst wearing these you would probably break your neck. Should these boots should be legal? Thankfully, Heidi has her wits about her and doesn't take any risks, lying down for the duration of the murderous heel shoot.

In the other photographs during the shoot, Heidi Klum poses seductively in a rather risqué red sequin dress accompanied with a red cotton wrap and black heels. Heidi then shows us some cleavage with her lace bra on show wearing a large, unusual black satin and white lace dress. Interesting.

Last month it was revealed that Heidi Klum would be the face of the new Victoria's Secret Perfect One Bra, which also landed her the covershot of Victoria's Secret's brand new Catalogue.

Not bad going for gorgeous mum of 3 Heidi!

Watch Heidi Klum in the Victoria's Secret Perfect One Bra commercial below:

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