Saturday, 21 March 2009

Audrina Partridge lands spinoff with The Apprentice's Mark Burnett!

Audrina Partridge has this week announced that she will be departing from 'The Hills', the show which first made her famous as she's landed her OWN reality spinoff! Audrina, pictured yesterday filming scenes for the 5th series of 'The Hills' follows in the footsteps of fellow co-star Whitney Port. Whitney started filming her own spinoff 'The City' last year which captures her personal and professional life in her career move to New York. The highly anticipated series already looks to be a winner!

The pretty 23 year old has signed a deal with British television producer Mark Burnett (Left). Burnett, who has produced a string of successful reality tv shows such as Survivor and both the US and UK Apprentice has commented on the news saying: "We are truly pleased to have the chance to work with Audrina. She has already proved her star quality, and we can't wait to show her fans worldwide the next stage of her life and career." The proposed new series will follow Patridge in her personal and professional life and will be pitched to networks in the U.S. beginning next week.

About Mark, Audrina has told People magazine: “I wanted to collaborate with the best possible team for my first big project after The Hills. Mark Burnett really understands my vision and I am excited about the concepts we’ve developed that will show people a different side of my life.”

Audrina has her own Rock chic style and dress sense, she dates rugged looking guys and outside of the usual Hills gang, Partridge hangs out with a rather unique sub-culture of punk rock people. With this in mind, I'm thinking the series will be completely different to 'The Hills' or 'The City'.

Unlike many of the other Hills cast who auditioned to take part in the US show, Audrina was originally approached by The Hills film crew to star in the show. I've always had the sneaky suspicion that Audrina conforms to the image of the show which appeals to a mass audience instead of being completely herself. I'm interested to see what the show will have in store for us. It could be another huge reality show hit or a complete miss as I think the current format, style and genre of people is what draws viewers to shows like 'The Hills' and 'The City'. On the other hand, with such a successful producer in charge, I'm sure Mark Burnett will ensure it has what it takes to make the series a hit!

With Lauren Conrad also said to be leaving The Hills, we're not sure who will be left to film or for Spencer Pratt to wind up? This news prompts wide speculation that is the end of the road for the highly successful MTV show whose 5th series premieres on April 6, 2009. An MTV Spokesperson has said: "We cannot confirm a sixth season at this time, however, 'The Hills' will continue as long as there are stories to tell, and as of now we don't see an end in sight."

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