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Sienna talks about filming G.I Joe

sienna miller filming g.i joeSienna Miller has been talking to the press about her forthcoming flick 'G.I. Joe' in which she plays raven-haired baroness and sexy femme fatale skilled in espionage. Sienna underwent a complete image overhaul to get into character, donning a black-haired wig and clothed predominantly in leather and pvc gear, armed with a gun.

About the handling of a gun, Sienna told the press:

“It was scary. I got taken away from the group! They said, ‘Sienna, you’re a villain in this film and you look like you’re terrified of the gun.’ And I said ‘I am!’ But we were shooting live ammunition that could kill someone.”

Sienna also spilled the beans on one particular fighting sequence, the 27-year-old shared:

"There's a really, really good girl fight between Rachel Nichols and myself. It's like a proper, violent girl-fight scene. And we both worked so hard for the choreography and the training of it. ... We both got hurt. I'm clumsy, so I slipped on a rubber bullet at one point and sprained my wrist quite badly. She ran into a flame and got burned."

The film, which tells the tale of a group of soldiers fighting for the acronym Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity (G.I. Joe) against evil organisation Cobra is set to be a box office hit, directed by none other than The Mummy's Stephen Sommers.

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Recent Sienna sighting: Back to blonde Sienna Miller was spotted getting her eyebrows done at Anastasia salon in Beverly Hills, California on Friday (May 29). She wears a striped Chanel T-Shirt with the trademark CC's embezzled on the front, normal fit jeans rolled up like boyfriend jeans and black suede ankle boots accessorised with a brown Ostrich skin handbag.

sienna miller leaving anastasia salon

sienna miller leaving anastasia salon

sienna miller brown ostrich handbag

sienna miller striped chanel shirt

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