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At home with Tom Brady - Details Sept 2009 Issue

In the September 2009 issue of Details Magazine, the ordinarily super-private football star Tom Brady talks about all aspects of his life, including being married to supermodel Gisele Bundchen, the paparazzi, and having a child out of wedlock with his former girlfriend, actress Bridget Moynahan. The article is accompanied with modelling photo's of the quarterback.

On Tabloid rumours: “You know, it's very—I don't take myself very seriously. I'm not a person who defends myself very often. I kind of let my actions speak for me. So when people criticize me, and they should—that's what you do as an athlete. You go out there, and that's what happens. You deal with it and laugh with it and hope they sell a lot of newspapers. Because there's going to be the next article the next day, and the next article the next day.”

On having a child out of wedlock: “That's not how you envisioned your life, that's not how you envisioned having children," he says now, "but it happens. But you're not talking about a tragic event, you're talking about a life, it's what happens. And that's forced me to grow up in a lot of ways, and in a lot of ways I've learned about the people around me, learned about my wife and about how important she is in my life, through this. You see what she's really about. Because that's not what she wanted either. But once again, it's...I just don't is not what everyone... Life is not living in the suburbs with a white picket fence. That's not life. Somehow our American culture has made it out that that's what life needs to be—and that if it's not that, it's all screwed up. It's not. You go through life and you try the best you can.”

On having more kids: “I want a lot of kids, I'd love four or five. We'll see. It's not always my decision.”

On stepping out in public: “Every time I step out,” he says, “I know there's probably somebody watching, with a camera phone or something. And it doesn't feel good. I'm glad they didn't have those camera phones seven or eight years ago,” he says, referring to his wilder single days. “When I go out now, I just watch what I'm doing.”

On being set-up on a blind date with Gisele: “This friend told me he knew a girl version of me.” (Gisele adds, “And he said to me he’d found a boy version of me.”)

On getting married: “We'd dated and had been through a lot together,” he says. “That's been a nice settling part of my life as well.”

On their life together: “I think my wife and I, we probably enjoy staying home more than most.”

On happiness: “We're all here, man, we're all sharing the same air. Everyone wants to look at the guy"—meaning him—"and say, 'Well, if I had that, I'd really be happy.' But happiness is really about how you feel yourself and if you're satisfied with yourself. I wish everybody happiness, man. And fulfillment in life. You don't need to play football to have that. At least I don't think that's what was going through the creator's mind when we were created.”

Brady also disputed the alleged shooting at his wedding my security at the paparazzi, saying that security wasn't armed.

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