Thursday, 30 July 2009

Are Spencer and Heidi Pratt Pregnant?

Spencer and Heidi Pratt are either playing a game with the media, or they just might be expecting a mini-baby-pratt.

The reality TV star duo, self-nick-named 'Speidi', famed by MTV's The Hills fuelled speculation that they might be pregnant yesterday by shopping in the Kids clothing section of LA Kitson's store whilst Spencer kissed Heidi placing his hand affectionately on her stomach.

The duo's rep has declined to comment on the pregnancy rumours, however is reporting that this is all a ploy which will be revealed during the storyline in next series of The Hills. If popcrunch's source is to believed, the storyline is sure fire way to irritate viewers. Taken from the popcrunch website:

The fourth season of The Hills won’t premiere on MTV until this August, but the show’s most passionate fame mongers have already devised an unbelievable scam in an effort to steal the spotlight from L.C and the rest of the gang. Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag will spend the summer staging a fake pregnancy, a new tabloid report claims. After all, babies are the new black.

“This summer, Heidi plans to wear loose clothes and even strap on some padding around her waist to make it appear as if she’s about three months along.”

“The plan is to get the baby rumor mill going so she can get photographed more. She and Spencer won’t confirm or deny the pregnancy so they can keep everyone guessing.”

According to Star Magazine scoop, from rising suspicion to refuting the rumors the first order of action, Heidi, twenty-one, and her twenty-four year old on-again/off-again fiance Spencer have plotted each step of their plan carefully.

First the aspiring singer will stop drinking. Then she’ll visit chic children’s boutiques like NoMi to pick out baby stuff. By the end of the summer, Heidi will be photographed bumpless and sporting a skimpy bikini while strolling along the beach.

“There’s so much Heidi wants to do. Getting fat is not in the cards right now.”

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