Sunday, 3 May 2009

Rihanna dumps Chris Brown for old flame Negus

News has just emerged that singer Rihanna has re-kindled an old flame with her teenage romance, 24 year old Negus Sealy. Rihanna, 21 is currently holidaying in hometown Barbados where she was snapped here by paparazzi on the beach with Negus. So it's definitely over for Rihanna and Chris Brown who was recently accused of beating her up in a furious bust-up. Rihanna was rumoured to have dumped Chris a while back and was recently have reported to have toasted her split from Chris during a party, however no official statement has yet been released confirming the split.

According to The News of The World, Rihanna's friends have of course been talking to the press, one said:

"Negus was a shoulder to cry on. He's a really smart guy-clever, good-looking, very cool. All the girls adore him and call him the Love God! He and Rihanna were seeing each other before she hit the big time."
"Rihanna and Negus both realised there was still a strong sexual attraction between them and became inseparable. Whenever Rihanna
went to the beach or out partying, Negus was always there. They were very careful not to be seen too closely together though as they're trying to keep their relationship secret."
One of Rihanna's relatives, who asked not to be named, confirmed:
"The family are delighted about her seeing Negus again."
Chris Brown appeared in a Los Angeles court last month and denied assaulting Rihanna. If he is convicted he may face up to five years in jail. Rihanna does not appear to harbour grudges against Chris and has previously been quoted as saying she would like the process to run as smoothly as possible.

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