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GQ Interviews Zac Efron - May 2009 Issue

17 Again Actor, 21 year old Zac Efron will appear on the cover of GQ next month (May 2009 issue). The photo shoot that accompanies his interview is probably Zac's most slick and stylish shoot yet, we have the photo's for you below. Perhaps Zac, or his management team are trying to transform his image into a stylish sex symbol, similar to that of Justin Timberlake, who covered the March 2009 issue of GQ after being named GQ's Most stylish Man. Justin also started off his career at Disney but has succeeded in shaking off the child star tag a long time ago.

Apparently Zac has just learned the naughty F* word too as the interview was completely filled with expletives! Although Zac specifically states that he doesn't want to alienate his long standing fans, this kind of language is a strong indication that the young star is keen to break away from his High School Musical roots and capture a more adult audience and fan base.

High School Musical, the Disney hit films are what brought Zac Efron his current celebrity status however Zac is growing up fast, having just turned 21 and simply doesn't want to be seen as a child star anymore. Zac recently featured in a photo shoot with a topless girl laying on top of him, another signal that he's desperate to rid his HSM squeaky clean 'Disney' image.

My favourite quotation from the interview had to be when Zac (on the subject of underage drinking) tells us:

"I don't want to be famous for my personality. If anything, I keep that under wraps"
It's kind of like he wants to be famous but doesn't want to be obligated to behave himself... I admire the boys honesty in this interview!

Interview clips:

We pulled the highlights from Zac's interview with GQ below, but use this link if you want to read the full interview on GQ's home site.

Zac Efron talks about those False eyelashes rumours:

"If somebody can find any photo that shows me wearing false eyelashes, I will give them a f----- million dollars. That's bulls---. You know what, dude? A couple of times, when I was young, and I didn't know what the f--- I was doing -- it's just what happens. Somebody's there, and it's their job. And they load you up with makeup. They don't do the girlie thing, but they, y'know, cover your zits. It didn't come from a self-conscious place -- it was just what everyone did. And since then, people just constantly think I'm wearing makeup. It's a recurring theme. But f---, man. I have never worn false eyelashes in my entire life."
Zac on doing community-theater productions as a kid:
“It was the worst possible thing you could do in high school. Kids who are in musical theater tend to be self-confident in a quirky kind of way, and when kids who are really self-conscious see somebody doing that kind of thing, they try to bring them down. I used to do random things, man. When I was a kid? I dyed my hair silver, to look like Sisqó in the Thong Song’ video. I just didn’t give a f—. I didn’t care.”

Zac talks about his career ambitions:
"A guy I worked with recently told me, 'You have to earn the right to old a gun.'And that completely made sense. Can you imagine me running around with a gun in a film? I noticed the second I started that the things you want to be involved with are always just out of reach. Most parts you'd want, people won't really consider you for, because you have to earn that respect. The things people do want you for are usually not things you want to do. At one point, somebody said to me, 'What do you wanna do? A cool crime drama? Do you wanna shoot up heroin? We'll do anything you wanna do ... the 'Musical'."

Zac Efron on his next film endeavor:

"I'm truly ready right now. I can't wait, dude. I'm going to do something -- something cool. Something people aren't necessarily expecting."

Zac Efron on Britney Spears' house:

"That's where f-----' Britney Spears stays. You can't drive by there because of all the paparazzi."

On why he chose to do 17 Again, which opens this Friday (April 17):

“It’s very transitional, y’know? I didn’t wanna alienate the fans that had been around for so long. The fans, who’ve been around for so many years.”

On Burr Steers, the Director of '17 Again':

"He messed with my head a little bit. There were scenes where I had to be pissed off, so he'd be a total a--hole all morning, to make me a little bit on edge. I had no idea what he was doing until after the movie was over. I just thought he was a huge a--hole. But it turns out he's incredibly smart. He doesn't just give you what you want to hear and tell you that you're doing a great job. It's a different kind of love and support."

Zac on the entertainment business:

“It’s crazy, all the stuff that happens down there. It’s the American dream. I mean, it’s beautiful. But it’s so f—ed up. Up here, everything’s green. And down there, it’s crazy.”

Zac about his parents:

"They completely believed that there was a one-in-a-billion chance I would ever be successful. And that was ingrained in the back of my head: I will fail. I'm going to fail. They managed my expectations. I was always prepared to fail. So it was kind of confusing when things started to work out."

Zac spills the beans on what Leonardo DiCaprio told him:

"I thought I was gonna ask him questions. He ended up asking me questions, and in that, he told me a lot. He said, 'There's one way that you can really f--- this all up. Just do heroin. If you steer clear of that, the other obstacles you'll be able to navigate.' And that makes sense, dude."

Zac on underage drinking:

"I wasn't programmed by Disney. It's common sense. If you're gonna be drunk with your friends, don't get wasted at the Chateau Marmont and hook up with some famous chick. It's not rocket science. I don't want to be famous for my personality. If anything, I keep that under wraps."

Zac on rumours he and girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens are engaged:

"That was such bulls---. I'm definitely not getting married. In this business, you're either getting married or they want you to be pregnant. I'm not getting married until I'm 40. If ever. The thought never crossed my mind ... Maybe not 40. Maybe not until I'm 30."

Check out Zac Efron's GQ Photoshoot below:
Zac Efron wears:
Jeans by Gucci. Sneakers by Common Projects.

Zac Efron wears:
Suit by Neil Barrett. Shoes by Bally.

Zac Efron wears:
Sports jacket by DKNY. Shirt by Thom Browne New York. Tie by Dolce & Gabbana. Jeans by Dior Homme.

Zac Efron wears:

Shirt by Ralph Lauren Black Label. Jeans by A.P.C. Watch by Rolex from Aaron Faber Gallery.

Zac Efron wears:
Zac Effron wears: Silk suit, $4,375, by Dolce & Gabbana. Shirt, $480, and tie bar, $250, by Thom Browne New York. Tie, $95, by Ralph Lauren Black Label. Pocket square, $60, by Paul Stuart.

Images courtesy of GQ magazine


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