Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Britney's breakdown inspire's 50 Cent's new LP

American Rapper 50 Cent (born Curtis James Jackson III) has told OK Magazine during a recent interview that it was Singer Britney Spears who inspired his aptly named 4th studio album 'Before I Self Destruct'. This, the rappers latest album is due for imminent release and looks set to be a big one featuring the likes of Rapper Eminem and Producer Dr Dre.

In the interview, 50 Cent candidly admits to having had a morbid fascination with the Artists well documented and spectacular breakdown through 2007/8.

“She was the greatest show on earth last year. She was going through her issues in public. It was great to watch her spin out of control because it makes the average person feel better” says 50.

Britney, the former squeaky clean teen pop sensation started on a slow and public mental descent in January 2004 when she unanticipatedly married her childhood friend Jason Alexander in a drunken ceremony in Las Vegas. She went on to have the marriage annulled 55 hours later. Just six months later, Britney announced her engagement to Kevin Federline, a backup dancer who's ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson was still pregnant with their second child.

During her relationship with Kevin Federline, Britney's public persona changed dramatically, with her physical appearance and behaviour a lot less perfectly contrived. Media coverage intensified along with the public's curiosity and morbid fascination.

Britney went on to marry Kevin Federline and announced her divorce a few weeks after the birth of their second child. Following her divorce announcement, Britney's decline went from bad to worse as she pulled many outrageous stunts such as being photographed without underwear out partying with pal Paris Hilton, a performance of "Gimme More" where Britney seemed 'out of it' at the 2007 MTV awards and driving around the streets of LA aimlessly all night.

Britney went on to suffer complete meltdown which led to her children being taken away from her and Kevin Federline being given full custody of the children. Perhaps the most alarming and shocking incident was when Britney completely shaved her head.

Since Britney's father, James Spears has been given co-conservatorship over Britney, she has been on a steady road to recovery. Britney looks better than ever and brought out her new album 'Circus' in 2008. There has been extensive speculation as to the why and how Britney arrived at the point she was at, but MTV's 2008 documentary 'Britney - For the Record' offers a unique insight into the world of Britney where she explains some of her behaviour.

We wish her all the best, it's amazing to see a person go to such deep depths of self-destruction and find the strength to see themselves through to the other end.

As for 50 Cent's album 'Before I self Destruct', we're sure this has provoked speculation and drawn massive amounts of public attention to his new album which is all part of good PR. We at Fabricjam.com look forward to the album release to see what kind of take the star has on Britney's breakdown.

Image: Album Cover Scan

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