Sunday, 5 April 2009

Matthew McConaughey chats with Rachael Ray

Actor Matthew McConaughey and his long-term girlfriend, Brazillian Model Camila Alves were spotted out at a Malibu beach yesterday spending time with their gorgeous 9 month old son Levi. What a cute boy!

See below to read what Matthew has to say about parenting on the Rachael Ray show last week...

Matthew McConaughey , the 39 year old 'Failure to Launch' actor appeared on the 500th episode of the Rachael Ray Show last week where he discussed many aspects of his colourful life, from being a father to his other talents as well as his newest business venture. Read interview snippets below:

How did the couple come up with the name Levi? Matthew tells us:

“We [Matthew and mother of his child Camila Alves] were talking, thinking about Levi and we hadn’t decided yet and then he was born at 6:22 p.m, which is my favorite verse in the book of Matthew. Camila and I looked at each other and were like, okay, this kid is Levi now for sure.”
On the subject of travelling with a 9 month old baby, he has this to say:

“Levi is doing well, man, five stamps on the passport”

“Check this out, perfect tank of gas before he wakes up and is ready to eat. So as soon as it gets below a quarter of a tank and I gotta pull off to get gas, Levi's waking up. So far so good. We're having a good time - he's an easy traveler.”

When asked what he would do if he weren't an actor, McConaughey responded:

“I think I'd either want to coach a college program, football, or go off and do like what Steve Irwin did. Or be a chef.”
Talking about his cooking expertize, Matthew tells us:

“I really like to get everything in one bowl, a lot of times we'll make a pasta and we'll make a salad, and then we'll make a meat dish ... we end up putting pasta on the bottom, because of the heat, and then layering the salad and the meat on top. I love merging like that.”
As a Texas native, Matthew loves his barbeques and likes to devise his own sauces and rubs.

“You can have so much fun with paprika and brown sugar bases, and you can go any way you want to!”
Matthew also reveals his newest business title, a Record Producer!

McConaughey has recently started his own Record Company "Just Keep Livin Records" and signed singer Mishka to his label. He brought Mishka along to give us a taste of his music with a special live performance on the show. If you're interested in hearing what his music is like then go to Matthews own website where you'll hear Mishka's songs playing in the background. Mischa also has his own official site, check it out here:

I'd say the musical sound is a little reminiscent of Bob Marley and the Wailers. It takes me back an era as I haven't listened to that style of music in quite a few years but I do like it. If it's your kind of thing, you can purchase Mishka's songs on iTunes or you can buy his new album.

On introducing the Caribbean-influenced singer-songwriter Mishka, Matthew showed his admiration and respect for the singer by saying:

“I want to introduce you to the guy who was the inspiration for me to start my record company, Just Keep Livin Records, it's a guy whose lyrics have always inspired me ... and a guy that I'm proud to say is also a friend of mine.”

We wish Matthew McConaughey and Just Keep Livin Records every success!

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