Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Chris Brown tells fans he's not a monster

Chris Brown has spoken out for the first time since the alleged attack on ex-girlfriend Rihanna for which he is currently being charged.

Chris joined forces with fellow hip hop singer Bow Wow to send out a message to his fans and 'the haters' by making a video in which he tells 'the haters' that they'll just be haters but that he's not going anywhere. He tells us that he is currently working on a new album called 'Graffiti' and intends to release a single as early as this summer.

"All the blog sites are liars. You guys lie. No black eye," Chris says wagging his finger at the web camera which is set up in a bowling alley. Brown continues by saying: "I just want to say 'What up' because I ain't been out there in a minute," adding: "All my real fan's I love ya'll, I ain't a monster".

Website TMZ obtained the video and uploaded it to YouTube.

Watch the video above.

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