Sunday, 22 March 2009

Jade Goody dies on Mothers Day

27 Year old Reality TV Star Jade Goody has quietly passed away in her sleep in the early hours of the morning, around 3:55am, following a brave and public struggle against Cervical Cancer. Ten days ago Jade left hospital so that she could die more peacefully in her own home, a beautiful country house in Essex, South East England.

For the past 48 hours Jade has been in a Coma like sleeping state and though family and friends have known that her passing was inevitable, the speed at which the Cancer has spread through Jades body has left family, friends and many members of the public shocked and devastated.

Jade was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer last summer and found out just two months ago that the cancer had spread to a point where doctors could do no more to save her life.

Since the heartbreaking news emerged, in the hope of creating a comfortable financial future for her children, Jade has done many paid interviews with the press and sold OK! Magazine the rights to her wedding 5 weeks ago to long term boyfriend Jack Tweed. The Magazine paid £750 000 for the rights to photograph the touching ceremony and and interview the family.

Over the past few months, Jade's amazing story of her incredibly brave fight against cancer has touched many peoples lives and the severity of her condition has prompted thousands of women to have smear tests done themselves. There have been countless women writing into various media sources telling a similar story, that that Jade has in effect saved their lives as doctors have caught their cancer early enough to successfully treat. The importance of regular smear tests has been highlighted to all who have heard of Jade's plight.

Jade shares custody of her two small children Bobby, 4 and Freddie, 5 with ex-boyfriend TV presenter Jeff Brazier with whom the boys are expected to move in with permanently. Jade's mum, the boys Grandma Jackiey Budden is also very involved in the children's up-bringing and is expected to help with a large proportion of the boys care.

Jade's publicist Max Clifford said: “I think she’s going to be remembered as a young girl who has, and who will, save an awful lot of lives. She was a very, very brave girl. And she faced her death in the way she faced her whole life - full on, with a lot of courage.”

Jade, who has been very brave and realistic about her condition has already planned her own funeral, to be held this week. In keeping her typically positive and cheerful demeanour, she has told her family that she wants it to be a celebration of her life. She has requested a traditional burial and a service held at a local church close to her home.
A spokesman for the family has said: “The funeral will be a celebration of Jade’s life, a reflection of how she’s lived in the last seven years—full on. She wants to say farewell to anyone who wants to be there. It will reflect the happiest seven years of her life. There will be tears, but a lot of love and laughter as well.”

Jade first became famous in 2002 when she appeared on the British Big Brother as a loud, brash and mouthy 21 year old who often came out with silly yet somewhat humorous comments. Following her exit from the house Jade lived her life in the public eye, often doing interviews with various magazines about her life in general such as weight, relationships, having children and her business ventures.
In 2007 Jade and boyfriend Jack Tweed appeared on Celebrity Big Brother on which she was accused of making racist remarks toward fellow contestant, Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty (Pictured below with Jade). The media and public turned against Jade for a period of time, yet it seems Jade was beginning to get past this episode when the terrible news of her Cancer struck. Jade received the news of the cancer live on Television whilst filming an Indian version of the show in India.

Since finding out about her illness and up until just a few weeks ago, Jade's every move has been followed by cameras. Many people had hoped and believed that Jade would survive and beat the Cancer but it became so aggressive and spread to her Liver, Bowels and Groin. Eventually it was accepted that there was no hope and the people close to her did everything they could to make the last few weeks of her life as good as they could possibly be.

May Bobby and Freddie, Jade's children, find comfort from their family who love them dearly. We pay our respects to Jade and her family, may they be comforted in the knowledge that she is finally at rest and no longer suffering.

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