Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Sienna Miller's label Twenty8Twelve makes London Fashion Week Debut

Though Sienna Miller did manage to make it to a pre-Oscars party, she wasn't able to make the Oscars this year. Instead, Sienna, along with her fashion designer sister Savannah took their design collection Twenty8Twelve to another level with a debut show in London Fashion week.

To describe the clothing range, I'd say it's a little boho, biker chic which in essence reflects the sisters own personal styles. A punk influence is also mildy evident in keeping with the times.
Within the collection we saw skin-tight dresses, crystal-embellished cashmere knits, floral tunics, beautifully finely tailored “highwayman coats” and backless tunics with Swarovski crystal-shoulder-pads “like an American footballer” as Sienna put it. A point there for originality!

“These clothes are funky, and there’s something for anyone” says Sienna of the collection. The clothing has two prominent influences from Savanna's 'eco-chic, stylish stay home mum style' to Sienna's 'bohemian chic jet-setting working girl style',“Put them together [Savanna's and Sienna's influence] and it says London cool” says Sienna.

Sienna also spoke of the labels recent success, “Sales have been very good, particularly in England and America, and we felt it was the right time to do a show." Of her own career path Sienna told us: "I'm not giving up acting, I love acting. But I also love working with my sister. We’ve always been two sisters playing dress-up, ever since we were kids and we’re still doing it.”

Though I'm not keen on the whole collection, we wish them the best with their growing label, Sienna has great style and an intuitive fashion sense, it's obvious that she should be in fashion.

To buy or browse the Twenty8Twelve collection, go to twenty8twelve.com
Our girl Kate has been at the 2009 London Fashion week, so keep checking the The fabricjam.com street style blog where she'll be telling us all about it within the next few days!

I've found a few pics of the show for you, (images courtesy of thetelegraph.co.uk). Enjoy.

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