Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The ladies just love David Beckham!

Beckham hasn't put a foot wrong since the 2004 affair allegations and I'm sure every paparazzi photographer in Milan is out for that compromising shot of him and another woman.

Last night Becks unwittingly played into the paps hands being pictured out at a Cancer Research Gala dinner in Milan in a rather friendly position with Italian socialite Gabriella Dompe. Gabriella had just placed the highest bid for a Beckham shirt at the fundraising auction held at the city's Le Officine Del Volo. I'm not sure that this bit of personal attention was included in the auction.

The second photograph which to me looks like a friendly chat shows David with stunning supermodel Malike who is also the wife of football boss Adriano Galliani.

David and Victoria Beckham's marriage was first rocked by rumours of infidelity in 2004 whilst the couple were living in separate countries and Beckham got a little close to his PA Rebecca Loos. She claims to have had an intimate 4 month affair with Becks. Nobody sued but Victoria kept her dignity and put on a brave face for the world standing by and supporting her husband, the father of her three sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

Rebecca Loos on the other hand sold her story to every tabloid who would hear it, appeared in a dramatic televised interview detailing every liason with the footballer, even showing us his saucy text messages. Loos milked it for all it was worth and as one does nowadays, she also appeared on various reality television programmes. Only last week (yes, 5 years on!) I saw her in a magazine telling us she is pregnant and is glad it isn't Becks... poor David just can't shake her off!

Following the highly publicised alleged affair, the Beckhams managed to keep things together and move forward. The family has moved to LA, given birth to baby son Cruz, launched the now successful DVB clothing brand, completed a spectacular Spice Girl reunion tour and done loads of modelling including most recently the his and her Giorgio Armani campaigns... in fact everything seems to be hunky dory in the fabulous world of Beckham.

Just last week the couple spent time together dining out before being temporarily separated whilst David plays Soccer in Milan for Football team AC Milan and Victoria stays with the children to work in LA.

I'm sure it was all perfectly innocent evening, David even wowed the crowd with some of his football skills during the night. Let's hope Victoria's in a good mood and shares that same sentiment when she comes across these pictures.

Images courtesy of Goffphotos.com

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