Friday, 13 March 2009

Jennifer and Mayer OVER (yes again!)

Actress Jennifer Aniston and long term boyfriend, musician John Mayer appear to have ended their relationship for the second time according to close friends and reported by E! News. The on-off celebrity couple first got together in April 2008 before splitting, then getting back together. Both parties reps have declined to comment at this point.

Jennifer has only just returned from her trip to the UK promoting her new rom-com dog film Marley and Me where she stars opposite Owen Wilson.

Whilst on tour, she told a magazine: "Who ever said that every relationship has to last forever? That's hoping too much, I think every relationship is a world unto itself."

When on the topic of finding the perfect partner, she said, "I don't have one and I don't think it exists." Whilst she seems to be speaking from the heart and her honesty should be congratulated, cynical words like this don't paint a happy picture of her idea of love or what a relationship represents to her.

Jennifer also told US TV show Extra earlier this year that the pressures of dating are worse than when she wasn't famous. She added: "I think it's just hard to date. It's not like we're kids. We're not dating. I love dates - when you're already with someone."

The split is rather untimely as Jennifer and Jon only went public with their relationship for the first time at the end of last month when they attended the Oscars together looking like a happy and very much in-love couple. Backstage at the Kodak Theatre, Aniston told Gayle King, who was interviewing them for her pal Oprah's show, that she was "very happy." Later in the evening, they strolled arm in arm into the Vanity Fair post show party at the Sunset Tower Hotel.

Jennifer and John, apparently happy together at the Oscars

Jennifer also presented an award at the Oscars with Jack Black which which was watched by none other than Angelina and Brad. Jennifer and Angelina haven't actually come face to face since Angelina hooked up with Brad shortly after Brad and Jennifers split. It must have been a big night for both parties.

Left: Picture shows Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt enjoying watching Jack Black and Jennifer Aniston on stage.

As for the future, close friends have told People magazine “They had some disagreements and decided to not continue to see each other, Jen is moving on with her life like she always does. She seems happy.”

I'm sure she'll have plenty to of distractions to keep her mind off the split as she starts filming in New York city this spring. In her new film 'The Baster', she stars opposite Jason Bateman in a role as an unmarried 40 year old who decides to have a baby with her best friend.

John Mayer is currently working on his new studio album.

Both Jennifers ex's have moved on with new loves, children and children on the way (Vince Vaughans fiance is reported to be pregnant). It can't be a huge comfort to Jennifer knowing that the men who have passed through her life seem happy and settled with their partners. On the other hand she is extremely successful with a platter full of box office hits under her belt and loads of friends!

A bit of time and we think she'll be ok!

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