Saturday, 9 May 2009

David Beckham declares his love for Victoria

It seems that Footballer David Beckham has had enough of those cheating allegations and tabloid rumours as he finally decided to speak out publicly this week.

Despite the fact that David and Victoria Beckham share 3 children and have been married for 10 years, their relationship has frequently come under fire by the press's claims of affairs, disloyalty and disunity. In this interview, David took the opportunity to set the record straight and declare his undying love for his Popstar turned Fashion Designer wife Victoria. He denied any attraction to other women saying:

“I have no desire for other women. I only love Victoria.”
In case you're left wondering why David hasn't denied previous rumours, the star also explained his usual 'no comment' ethos by saying:

“If I took the time to deny every story, I wouldn’t have time to be a footballer.”

A French gossip magazine recently claimed that married Beckham shared a romantic dinner with Hungarian Glamour Model Mariann Fogarasy after they were photographed together outside a football game in Budapest. To me the photo (above) looks like a fan alongside a celebrity photograph. The star commented on this story with categorical denial telling us not to believe the hype, he told us:
"Ninety per cent of what is written about us is invented. The last one was this story about the Hungarian model. I have never been out to dinner with this young lady."
David was also recently reported to have cancelled a party in July which was planned in order to celebrate his 10th wedding anniversary, so whilst setting the record straight, his spokesperson added:
“There have been no plans for any party, they are on holiday at the time of their anniversary.”

After recent press speculation of a marital rift citing the fact that the couple have not even seen each other over the past month, the England star revealed that Victoria would be in the stand supporting him as he plays football against Juventus tomorrow.

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